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Kandha Guru Kavasam Lyrics In Tamil Pdf Free Download [March-2022]




” Another excerpt says : “Anekalum aayum “mummeyum” kayum “kaththi” kevalakum thalaiyum – dhevamum are samaya shuklum “minchu” seyum vethiyaal nenjamum “yuddham”.” The commentary states : “Causation of a destructive event (e.g., flood, tsunami, etc.) is not simple. In Tamil language, one could say that the cause of the flood is the month of Aayam (May) and the flood is due to the deluge of rain. In this regard, certain historical texts on Tamil language explain that the month of Aayam is caused by a sign of eclipsing the Sun. The main argument of the kalaignar is that there are no scientific reasons that explain the deluge of the flood. As a conclusion, a kalaignar would say that deluge of flood is not the hand of god (Avatharam).” In the popular belief of Kodavas, the seventh century flood event is mainly due to the improper worship of Shiva. Subsequently, on 6 December 2014, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, E. Palaniswami has announced that it was not Shiva who had caused the flood in Tamil Nadu, but the demoness Kali had done it. The Minister of State for Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments, K. S. G. Venkataramanan further announced that the mass flooding in Tamil Nadu was a “natural phenomenon”, and not caused by any supernatural or religious act. Controversies The Kodavas have had some controversies due to their faith as well as its practices. Purification rite The conversion of the Kodavas to Christianity was subjected to a lot of opposition by their parent community. Part of the opposing community's reason was due to the fact that a person who had been converted from Hinduism was expected to perform a complete purification rite. This rite, which was claimed to be a must for every Hindu convert, was a long and intensive process. Not only was a new convert to Christianity subjected to this process, his or her families were also required to undergo this process. Amongst the main rituals performed in this purification rite, the conversion of the head and the feet were the




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Kandha Guru Kavasam Lyrics In Tamil Pdf Free Download [March-2022]

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